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About Kelly

An artist from a young age, Kelly Meagher grew up in Central Massachusetts and began formally studying art at the Worcester Art Museum while in High school. She attended the Maine College of Art briefly but decided to move south to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. Kelly explored many options at SCAD including product design, photography, Illustration and graphic design. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a degree in Advertising Design. After college a love of traveling and surfing took Kelly to Puerto Rico, where the tropical flora and fauna enamored her and the pristine waves inspired her to move to the Caribbean. 

Her tropical lifestyle influences her paintings immensely with much of her free time exploring the island and surfing. Paintings with strong female figures and colorful nature scenes primarily define her work with detailed water textures and luscious warm sunsets. Kelly enjoys experimenting with many different materials but mostly paints using oil paint and acrylic. Kelly enjoys painting on unique materials that define her location like machete's, ukuleles and locally sourced wood panels. In 2017 Kelly widened her creative scope to include graphic design and branding to serve her flourishing community of Rincón. She now enjoys creating murals throughout Western Puerto Rico in addition to her graphic design and painting. 

Kelly's passion for the ocean drives her to support local fundraisers like the Surfrider Foundation


2011     Black and White, Gallery725, Jacksonville, FL 

2012     Water, Gallery725, Jacksonville, FL 
              Summertime, Gallery725, Jacksonville, FL 
              Free for All, Gallery725, Jacksonville, FL 

2013     Wonderland, Gallery725, Jacksonville, FL
              Metal, Gallery725, Jacksonville, FL

Summertime, Gallery725, Jacksonville, FL

2015     Solo Exhibition,  MACHETE, F Javier Gil Gallery, Rincón, PR

2016     Solo Exhibition,  The Surface, RBC, Rincón, PR

2017     Group Show, Gallery725, Jacksonville, FL 

2018     Nuestra Colectiva, Aura Art Gallery, Rincón, PR



2017      The Dragon Factory, Jacksonville Beach, FL

2018      Island West Properties, Rincón, PR

2018      Group Mural at Baha Mar Resort & Casino, Nassau Bahamas


2018-19 Private Oceanside Villa, Rincón, PR


2019      Karibe Kombucha, Rincón, PR

2021      Mermaid on Acid walls @ La Sirena Sushi, Rincón, PR

2021      Mermaid Doors, Downtown Rincón, PR

2021      Caddy's Calypso Underwater mural

2021      Exterior Residential Mural, Vista Azul, Rincón, PR

2021      "Nature is Calling" Ruinas Urbanas, Aguadilla PR


2022.     The Jungle, Rincón, PR

2022      El Arca, Rincón, PR

2022.     Passiflora, Rincón, PR


2023.     Simply Greens, Rincón, PR     

Machete Show
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