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Studio Policies

To streamline the quoting process I have included some policies

that are useful for all clients to understand before work begins. 

Art or Design work will not begin without a 50% deposit


No Spec work

No work-made-for-hire


All artwork created for clients will remain the intellectual property of the artist. A standard Licensing Agreement will be used to define the terms in which the art created can be used by the client.

No returns or exchanges on prints or originals. If a print or painting is damaged during shipping please email me directly and I am happy to work with you to resolve any problems.



Estimates on paintings are based on sq. inches of finished painting and paint medium. The equation I use maintains a consistent pricing across all of my paintings.

Work on a painting will not begin without a 50% deposit. Commissions typically take 2-8 months depending on size, degree of difficulty and artists schedule. $400 minimum.


Estimates on murals are based on sq. ft of the wall to be painted, degree of coverage and difficulty of the wall (height, surface texture, lift rental needed, etc). If you have a large wall, expect a higher quote.

In some cases I recommend a high quality clear coat for murals. Restaurants, high traffic areas and some exterior murals with extreme UV exposure can benefit from a final coat of Modern Masters Masterclear Supreme to ensure the longevity of the mural.

All murals are created using high quality house paint to ensure the longevity of the mural. I use either Sherwin Williams or Behr. Paint is included in your estimate, however, occasionally additional materials are necessary to create a desired finish. These additional materials will be added to the estimate. 

An additional licensing fee can be negotiated for murals that will be used in print advertising or merchandise.

$800 minimum on murals

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